Rock Mary Rock is an all ages comic created by Nicky Soh. The story centers around Mary, a young teen who accidentally awakens the spirit of a deceased legendary guitarist, Rock Maxel. Follow their journey as they make friends and battle foes in this fun action adventure story!

In 1988, Alan Tam starred in a Cantonese romance comedy film titled, 愛的逃兵 (Love Soldier of Fortune). I didn’t watch the film until much older and was struck by the unique storytelling within; a pitch perfect piano tunist that was helped by a talented deceased pianist. At that time, I felt that the story didn’t have more weight to it. What if the protagonist didn’t have a pitch perfect talent? What if the protagonist wasn’t a piano tunist in the first place? And what would such an ordinary person do if he was met with such a talent and what if the protagonist couldn’t even recognized the talent he saw? And suddenly a seed idea came.


What would an ordinary person do, if he inherited the musical talents of the best musician from the last century?

Rock Mary Rock is an all ages story about Mary, the protagonist and Rock, a deceased talented rock guitarist. Rock Mary Rock was initially created as both an animated series and comic. As the story was being developed, it became clear that the scope was getting bigger and thus the focus went into the making of a comic pitch package. Currently, the story is estimated to be completed within 3-5 trade paperback.


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