Conventions and “Going Back To School”

It’s the mid week and not to mention my first official blog since setting up RockMaryRock. (The last two doesn’t count since its pre-RMR) I wanted to blog earlier but my train of thought were all over the place. First off, I’ve been on a constant look out for conventions and below are the lists of conventions that I will be attending in 2016! Secondly, I’m “going back to school!” (WHAT?! NOT AGAIN DIDN’T YOU FINISH YOUR MASTERS???!?!?!) Well I don’t mean literally going back to school but more of a study of the webcomic scene and the development of comics. There’s just so much more things that I’m not aware of or isn’t current enough to know about.

Just these past two weeks alone I’ve been learning about things like pateron, stumbleupon, forums that I didn’t know existed, forums that I didn’t know could be related and helpful to a webcomic creator, webcomics that I haven’t heard about that are so so good, questions that I haven’t really looked into since a long time like self publishing vs publishers advantage, questions I never asked before like how do you promote a webcomic in a convention, L&M in a webcomic, reader engagements, maximizing your analytic data, conversions of your analytic data on a webcomic, advertising channels, impacts of current social media channelsevents, AND MANY MORE. These are very very important things, things I didn’t learn in school which I’ll have to pick up right now. So it is exciting times I must say and I’ll be sharing some bits and pieces of that in my blog every now and then. And I hope you as a reader will join me in the process too and share your own thoughts here! After all, some of these things that I learned about were from readers that ain’t in this industry! Meanwhile, have a good work week and I’ll see everyone again on Sunday for another update on RockMaryRock!


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