Upcoming NYP Talk 28th May 2015

I’ve been invited to give a talk at Nanyang Polytechnic this coming Thursday. A special thanks to the SIDM team for making this poster. (Especially the mega epic title haha) Well first of all it has been an extremely fruitful year for me working as a producer in a media startup company. Not a lot of people get such opportunities right out of grad school and I did receive plenty of guidance from my business director and partners. I have no idea where they derive the confidence in me to be able to take up the position and my guess is it’s a combination of Guts, Instinct and Experience. Those three things really are my basic guiding principal in life and on Thursday, that will be primarily what I’ll be sharing including soft skills that are essential to help one become successful; How do you sell your idea? What is the person on the opposite end thinking? Who are the people you should talk to? How do you get information out of someone within the first 5 minutes of a conversation?

The talk will perhaps last around an hour and hopefully I can cover as many things as possible (which I highly doubt) because there’s just so many things to be shared. We will have a Q&A session after the talk so do come down to NYP this Thursday. Hope to see you guys!


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